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Nancy & Michael Schmidt

With a lovely family of five, our favorite way to travel is with friends and family. We have had the opportunity to explore the globe in this manner. Creating Topanga Villa to be exactly what we would want for our family travel has been an exciting experience. And the best part is – we are a family - Michael and Kari are siblings!

Co-Owners & Hosts

Creating Topanga Villa to be exactly what we would want for our family travel has been an exciting and rewarding experience. 

Kari & Chad Michaelsen

After a career specializing in customer experiences, we were searching for a new adventure.  We love to travel to far away exotic places.  After visiting Costa Rica on many trips, the beauty and relaxed culture drew us back. We found the little town of Ojochal and felt a special energy.  We couldn't resist the "Pura vida" lifestyle.

Co-Owners & Hosts

Photo of a smiling couple with a palm tree behind

Everyday in Costa Rica is a gift of nature.  Every butterfly, every bird, every flower brings a sense of wonder and discovery.

Story of Topanga Villa

Topanga Villa is named after a Native word indigenous to the Tongva tribe meaning, "where the mountains meet the sea".


Sitting atop the Talamanca hilltops, at an altitude of 700 feet, it offers breathtaking views of Costa Rica's lush rainforest, palm-lined beaches, distant islands, and endless Pacific Ocean.

From the moment you arrive at Topanga, you are taken with the breathtaking views and the fascinating energy of the jungle around you.

A full rainbow over the pool

Our Pillars

Topanga Villa is committed to supporting three pillars.


Costa Rican Culture

Our commitment to Costa Rican culture is reflected in the experience that we offer to our guests for immersion into the Pura Vida lifestyle. We value the importance of Pure Life, which to us means - family, friends, beautiful vistas, delicious healthy food, and rich experiences.


Ojochal Community

Integrating into the Ojochal community is fundamental to the way we operate. Our team and service partners are all local families from our town, we continuously look for ways to support our village and the kind people who live here.


Nature and The Environment

We are committed to the preservation of the stunning nature that greets us each morning. We have put many measures in place to protect and preserve the natural environment. For example, we plant native and indigenous flora and fauna to attract and support the local wildlife and birds. The bathrooms are stocked with organic, coconut-based, locally handmade soap and shampoo. We use natural products in the gardens and for our fruit trees.


Book Your Stay with Us

Whether you're looking to relax and unwind or embark on an adventure-filled vacation, Topanga Villa offers the perfect combination of luxury, privacy, and natural beauty.

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About Us

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